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Denis Gorican

Hi, I am Denis Goričan, nice e-meet you! 


I am Denis Goričan, and no, this is not just another guy pretending to be an online guru. Forget gurus❌ Forget anyone claiming to be an online business expert without going through the challenges of entrepreneurship ourselves.

I have been an entrepreneur and marketing strategist for the last 15 years with a history of working in the digital media and eCommerce industry. My passion is eCommerce, digital marketing, and strategic planning. And what I learned in all those years is that doing business is not just about expertise. I believe in core values like integrity, honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. If you feel the same, then we are probably a perfect match.

I want to inspire you!

Let my results speak instead of me. Since you landed on this site, you are probably interested to hear more about me and my work.

To whom can I help?

Start-ups in the E-commerce niche. Not only with setting up the operations and marketing but also with tips on getting more funding and handling the cash flow.
Investment funds and financial investors and their portfolio of companies. As a consultant and marketing strategist, I have established good cooperation with European funds to handle the marketing part of their portfolio.
E-commerce companies that would like to have a leaner business model. My payment model is super simple & transparent.
Private companies that would like to add eCommerce as a sales channel (transition to D2C revenue stream or development of B2B platforms)

My unique expertise helps you create beautiful projects

E-commerce expertise:

  • Founded in scaled multiple E-commerce companies from 0 to millions of EUR in revenue
  • Created go-to-market strategy for multiple international brands that wanted to expand to new markets
  • Created unique processes for successful E-commerce operations: From sourcing, logistics, customer support, sales, and marketing
  • Responsible for development (specialized for Shopify) and building convertible shops
  • Managed big teams (40+ people)
  • Specialized in Home & Living niche, Food Nutrition, and Beauty products
  • Founder and admin of Shopify Slovenia community group
  • Organized and hosted multiple E-commerce conferences in the region (Slovenia)

Digital marketing expertise:

  • Personally created more than 2,000 ad campaigns on channels like Meta/Facebook and Google
  • Advertised on multiple Europen markets and in the United States
  • Created content strategy for more than 15.000 different products in niches like Home&Living, food nutrition, pharmacy, gaming, and the beauty industry
  • Created go-to-market strategy for the biggest ad spender in the region with a monthly ad spend budget of more than 1.5 Mio EUR.
  • I work as a mentor to multiple start-ups and freelancers.

My past education and public speaking:

Intervju Denis Goričan: Zgodba o uspehu Minu.si - Minu.si

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